Wednesday, May 30, 2012


We started our busy week off with a long weekend! It was Memorial Day weekend and in Ardsley (Chris' hometown) there is a parade! Chris' father drives his truck in the parade every year and plays music at the start of the parade, and Miss Madison was lucky enough to get to ride in the front of Pop's truck! 

Chris, Madison and I would like to thank everyone for all their kind words and support over the past week since Chris' shoulder surgery. He is doing well and will be getting the stitches out tomorrow!! (YAY!)

Well its off to continue our busy for some items for Madison's baptism this weekend, and our 2nd anniversary on Monday!

Happy Summer Everyone!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Slowing down for abit..

Hope everyone is having a great May so far.. we are!!! We just got back from an amazing vacation in Florida with my family, my parents, bothers and Emily (Ryan's girlfriend). The trip ended up being better then I could have imagined! Chris got hurt at work at the end of March and is currently on light duty, so this wasnt going to allow him to join us :( BUT to my surprise on Wednesday night he showed up in Florida!!! It was an amazing surprise! Both Madison and I were so happy to have him there for the 2nd part of our vacation! Chris also needed a little bit of a vacation himself as he will be having surgery on his shoulder on May 23. 
Our vacation included a lot of 1st for Madison.. including her first plane ride! Which she did amazing! Only a little bit of crying on the way to there, she really wasn't into the whole sitting around hours thing! But once she fell a sleep it was smoothing sailing!

 The resort we were at was amazing!! They had a zero entry pool which Madison was quickly introduced to upon our arrival and she loved it!!! It also has a massive Lazy River.. which is where most of our week was spent!

 EVERYONE Loved the lazy river!

 There is also a huge blow up slide called the hippo.. so much fun!!!

Bye Florida! See you next year!!!