Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weekend round up

This weekend was different from our normal hang out outside by the pool weekends.. We actually spent our Saturday afternoon and evening in a hockey rink!
Chris played against Pj in charity game to raise money for Burn Care Everywhere!
Madison was so excited to be able to watch the game with her cousins Bella and Jake! 
Chris' team - Duece Duece won!! 
The event raised $2700 for Burn Care Everywhere and we are already starting to plan next years!! 
After the game Madison finally got to test out her bob skates and her helmet she got for Christmas!
She loved it!!! She is half Canadian so I didn't expect anything else ;)
It was a fun way to end the day.

It was a cold weekend all together .. My brother in law PJ, cousin in law Nate and I were challenged to take the Ice Bucket challenge to raise awareness for ALS!!
We don't do things small here..
You give us a challenge we will blow past it! 

Check out Quinn 4 the Winn on Facebook to see lots more challenge videos!

Here is a link to my video 

If you are reading this blog YOU have been challenged!! Get a bucket of ice water - small or large and dump it over your head! Video it and challenge 3 others.. Put it on Facebook and tag me! 

So there you have it our colder the normal July weekend!
This coming weekend is crazy!


Friday, July 25, 2014

Fit Friday.

I am thinking of doing a weekly blog post related to fitness on Fridays!
If you have been following my blog you know I am currently studying for my personal training certification which I am planning to complete by October 31st. You are probably also aware that I am on a fitness journey... Not only to lose weight but to tone up and just be more comfortable and confident and healthy!! 

Today's post is mainly me venting about something everyone goes through... A plateau! 
It sucks! I am eating clean (other then the amazing brownie yesterday - not feeling guilty), I am exercising daily- I change it up and I am trying to think positive. 

I know I shouldn't be concerned with the scale as that is not the be all end all, but I can't help but feel let down when I step on the scale and see it hasn't moved all week. I am so close to being back in the 150s I mean I am 160.0lbs and I just can't break it!

Really I don't care who knows what I weigh because I could be 160 of soild muscle or I could be 150 and have no muscle at all ... The scale doesn't matter. 

I know I have made progress because my lululemon workout pants (usually tight) are getting loose (time for a little shopping :))!! I am trying to track my progress with how I feel in my clothes and the inches lost!

I am also tracking my speed while running, the amount I lift at the gym and how far and fast I can row (my new favorite thing). 

Next week I hope to have good news about breaking that plateau and I will hopefully have some helpful tips!! 

Have a great weekend!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

What a weekend

I don't even know where to start ... The good or the bad?

I guess we will start with the good ... My parents stopped by!! 
They were in Rhode Island for work this past week so instead of heading straight back home they swung by our place Saturday night!  

Our first our of business was dropping off their new trailer.. Or hotel on wheels as it was called by a few members of the fire dept.
Madison in true Madison fashion has already asked for a pink one!!
We took it easy on Saturday night, I made zucchini boats (amazing even Madison tried them!) and then we headed to Coldstone!  
I have been trying to get my mom there for 4 years and we finally made it!!
Oh the choices!
Madison settled on strawberry icecream (because it's pink ... Ofcourse) with rainbow sprinkles and m&m's.

Sunday we headed to the park for a walk and then to play on the playground!
And then the fun ended ...
Yes on the ground is part of the reflector off the car of the person who hit me. 
And to add to it.. They left!!!

Who hits a car in the middle of an empty parking lot!!?
Lots to deal with this week now.. Yay.

But we ended the day with a nice dinner at our favorite local restaurant with my parents and Chris' parents before my parents headed back home!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Weekend Round Up

This past weekend we were able to get away for a few days to Welland Ontario! My cousin Andrew was getting married and it was the perfect weekend to visit some relatives!
We left early Friday morning and came home late Sunday night! It was a long 8 hour trip that involved a long line at the border and me having to jump in the back seat to feed Beth. 
That may have been the worst part of the weekend.. I get car seat in the back of cars.. especially in the middle sandwiched between 2 car seats!
We stayed with my Aunt Linda and Uncle Brian and Madison didn't want to leave! She had so much fun feeding the ants grass, swimming in the pool and playing with a garden statue that is apparently her! Here are a few pics from the weekend :)

Madison and Mike

3 Generations.. Nana, Myself and the girls!

Madison and Amanda 

Madison owning the dance floor!

Madison dancing with the princess!

It was a great weekend and it was so nice to be able to see that side of my family!!
Can't wait until we visit again.. I know Madison is excited!


Feet meet blacktop

I was not a runner growing up .. I played soccer and swam both competitively and that was good enough for me! I ran for the track team for 2 years but it got in the way of soccer so I quickly gave it up.   
I have always enjoyed sprints .. I was a keeper in soccer so I wasn't constantly running but more so short quick sprints. 

In the past few months I've really started to enjoy running! I think it's because I am a competitive person and running allows me to be competitive with myself by setting new PRs and also be competitive with others in races!

Another friend of mine is the same way! Check out Lindsay over at Growing up Khan! https://growingupkhan.wordpress.com/2014/06/17/most-likely-to-hate-running-me/

She is actually the inspiration behind this post. Lindsay was my supervisor one summer while I was working at the pool and every day I would pass her while she ran to work and I drove. I didn't know that she actually hated running!!  It's nice to know another mom is in the same boat as me.. Getting up early to get that run in and hating it! 

I, after years of attempting to get into running, FINALLY ENJOY IT!!!

I enjoy it so much I was willing to ask my parents and husband to take a week out of their busy schedules to join me at Disney World in February all so I could run the first race on my bucket list- Princess Half Marathon!!!

I am really happy and lucky that they all said yes without hesitation! Today is actually the big registration day and from all the blogs and Facebook posts I found out that the race sells out extremely fast like within an hour!! I was worried about being able to resister because we have camp visiting during the time registration opens.  After discussing things with my family I decided to run for a charity! I looked over the different charities and one really stood out - Noah's Light Foundation. 

I will be running with Team Noah and fundraising to help find a cure for children's brain cancer! Having 2 young girls myself I find myself worrying about what if a lot.. What if they get sick? What if it's something horrible? What if.. 

Over the next few days I will be working on my fundraising page and I will be doing a post about this amazing charity! I will also be taking another page from Lindsay's blog - running bucket list!!  I honestly never thought to create one as I didn't really think much about races or traveling for them, but now I have a few races I would LOVE to run!! 
The first on this list is the Princess Half Marathon!!

I hope you will all join me on this journey!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Weekend round up

This past weekend was a busy one.. As we have come to expect from our weekends.

We started the weekend with some nasty weather which changed our 4th of July plans. Originally we had planned to be a pool party on Friday but it was switched to Saturday!  That didn't stop us from celebrating.
Isabella, my niece, was down to visit for the weekend so we headed to Chris parents in the afternoon so the girls could play together! 
We had a little BBQ at Chris parents and then headed home! I decided to keep Madison up to watch the fireworks in the city! She loved having a "firework party". We can't wait to take her to the fireworks next year!
Saturday was the pool party! 

I didn't get pics of the girls swimming but they looked adorable in their matching bathing suits! 

We enjoyed some delicious food and yummy desserts.. Including this amazing cake made by our friend Lisa!
I could have eaten the whole thing BUT then I think other people would have been disappointed they didn't get any! It was def worth the extra calories!

Sunday we hung out at Mima and pops so Madison could play with Bella some more before she headed home on Monday!  They spent hours in the pool!!
Ryan hid in the corner so they girls and dogs couldn't get his icecream!!

All in all it was a great weekend!!
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


Sunday, July 6, 2014

4 Months


Weight: 9lbs 0oz as of Monday June 30th
Length: 21 1/2inches (from 3 month check.. we go again next Tuesday)

Sleep: Great! Usually goes together between 9-10 and sleeps until 6 or 7! She takes little cat naps during the day along with 2 long 3 hour naps!

Eating: Finally able to say : AMAZING!! Beth is doing great on her new amino acid formula! She was eating 3oz every 3 hours but 2 hours later she was hungry, so we have upped it to ever 4oz every 3-4hours depending on Beth's desire to eat! The exciting thing is we get to try solids this month!!!

Diapers: still rocking those size 1's! I am super excited, yes I am saying that about diapers, but Target now carries HONEST PRODUCTS!!!!

Clothing: Most of her clothes are 3 months but she still wears a lot of newborn. No swimsuits fit her because they only make them 0-6 months and we are still struggling with 0-3 from some places! Most of her clothes are from Gap or Carters.
Mood: Her mood changes from hour to hour.. mostly happy but she is teething so some days she is very upset!

  • Watching the ceiling fan!
  • Facing outwards to see what's going on.
  • Kisses from our dog!
  • Not seeing whats happening around her.
  • When her big sister takes her toys.
Big sister Madison

Madison had just finished her 1st week of camp and is LOVING IT!!!
She has passed 2 swimming levels already! She is now a minnow working on tadpole!
She is in a group with a few friends from school but is also making new friends! They get to play sports, do drama, arts and crafts and cook!! This week in cooking they made apple crisp!

Madison is happy to be spending this weekend with her cousin Bella who is down to visit!

I think this will be the last monthly Mommy update.  I will do another 6 months post partum and a 1 year post partum!

Weight loss: I am now 9lbs below my pre pregnancy weight! I am still working on losing weight but also toning!
Exercise: Not as much as I was hoping. It was a crazy month with weddings, school ending, camp starting etc... Now that we are back on schedule I will be back to walking or running in the mornings with Beth when Madison's at camp or I will take her with me to the gym!
Sleeping: yes!!
Baby schedule: Check out the following posts!
Mood: Great! 


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Hope your all having a fabulous weekend! See you all back here Monday for our weekend round up! 


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A day in our life - part 3

Well here we go! 
Our summer schedule is pretty hectic but that makes every minute we get the girls even more special! 
Wednesday and Fridays I have Ryan (Chris cousin son). He is a great kid! Madison and him get along so well! On those days we are our the door at 650 to get him at 730! 

4-5:00am- wake up time for mommy! Time to get a small work out in and if possible a shower!

6:00am- Beth wakes up to eat! We usually have a little play time before Madison's is up!

7:00am- Madison is up and ready to eat! We get dressed grab our camp stuff and get ready to leave!

7:50am- Out the door on our way to camp for an 8:25 drop off!

8:25- 12:15pm- Beth and I try to get a walk in if it's not super hot, Beth eats every 3 hours, we have lots of play time before we head over to pick up Madison.

12:15-4:00pm- The odd day I have another Ryan that my mother in law babysits. He comes after his came is done and Madison and Ryan play and swim all afternoon! Days I don't have Ryan we either go home or hang out at Chris' parents house to swim!!

6:00pm- Dinner time!

7:00pm- Bath time and time to read books before bed!

8:00pm- Bedtime for Madison! 

9:30-1030pm- Beth's last feeding and bedtime!

All of this is around our usually household chores, errands and everyday life!
Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian family and friends!

We had a bit of a kink in the schedule this week. Madison missed camp today because Beth, Madison and I all had high  fevers. BUT good news we are all on the up and up and Madison's back at camp tomorrow!