Saturday, March 31, 2012

Oh Canada...

Hey everyone!
This past week has been an emotional roller coaster, and I cannot begin to thank people enough for all their prayers and support. If you didn't know.. my Oma had a heart attack last friday and was taken to the Ottawa Heart Institute while she waited for a valve replacement, well I am happy to say the surgery was performed yesterday with great success!! 
Upon hearing about my Oma I wasted no time getting things ready so Madison and I could go up to Canada to be with my family. We left early Saturday morning and returned Thursday afternoon. It was a fast, short but much needed trip. We were lucky that the nurses allowed me to bring Madison in to see my grandmother. One good thing about this trip was WE GOT TO SEE MY FAMILY :)
Living 6 hours away from my parents and brothers is tough at times and now with Madison it's even tougher, as we would like my family to be able to see her grow and change. We use Facetime ALOT!  While we were home we got to see Uncle Brett play in the Annual Midget Hockey Tournament in Prescott, and I also travelled to Belleville with my dad to see Uncle Ryan & the Ottawa 67's play game 4 of their playoff series. The outcome of both games wasn't great. :( Maybe I am bad luck. We also got to have lunch and hang out with Uncle Ryan. Ryan lives about 45 min from my parents and with his hockey schedule its hard to find time to meet up, but lucky us we saw him twice! Madison was very happy she got to spend time with both her uncles. Its funny watching them interact with Madison, she looks like a doll when they hold her! I also got to finally introduce Madison to my Aunt Claudia, Uncle Mark and Aunt Judy. 
We made some time to meet up with my friends as well! I was so happy to meet Khloe my friend Cara's 1.5month old! She is adorable! Its great to know that in a few years that when Madison goes to Canada she will already have a friend.  
BUT we all know you really just came to the blog to see pictures of our little one.. so here we go!
Uncle Brett feeding Madison before heading to Ottawa

Getting ready for my dinner!

Uncle Brett.. Last game of the season.

Playing in my NEW exersaucer!

Excited for dinner.. once again!

Madison and Zoey getting some bonding time in

Madison missed her puppy so she cuddled with Zoey, This is the first time Zoey has let Madison get this close to her!

She's half Canadian ;)

Watching Dora with Grandma!

All smiles with Alyssa!

"Ok Mommy what is this little thing?"

 Madison grabbed Khloe's hand after awhile and starting "talking" to her.. we can already tell they will be great friends!
Me and the Munchkin!

Hanging out with Opa before Bedtime

Getting ready to spend the morning with Opa in his office

Madison LOVES her jolly jumper! I however was very skeptical of the whole thing at first! 
Working on crawling.

All smiles

 Got to see Ryan score his first OHL playoff goal! He had an amazing game!

 Such a happy little girl.. I still cannot get over how much Madison smiles and laughs! 
Thanks for checking us out... :) xoxo

Monday, March 26, 2012

Quick visit to Canada

First off I would like to thank everyone for their kinds words and prayers over the last few days. If you didn't know my Oma had a heart attack last Friday. She is now at the Ottawa heart institute and will be having surgery on Monday April 2nd. It is for this reason we haven't had a fun blog update this week. Madison and I drive up to Canada on Saturday morning. And will be driving home Thursday. While being home Madison has got to spend time with my parents and brothers! Sad reason to come home but lots of fun being here!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Bears.. OH MY!

Welcome to our upgraded Blog!!!

This week we took Madison to the Bronx Zoo for the first time and since we are now members we will be going alot more!!!
Sitting like a big girl!

Sea Lions

Being pushed around by Daddy


Once she came out of the stroller there was no going back in.

Chris showing Madison the owls!

Mommy's favorite animal!

All smiles leaving the zoo!
Chris and I have been to the Zoo before but going with Madison was a whole new experience! It was amazing to see things through her eyes. She was yelling at the animals and when certain ones made noises  she would make a noise! It was so cool! Overall it was a fun day! We cant wait to go back.. next trip might be to the aquarium :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Season, New Camera!

Well everyone today Chris and I finally took the leap and invested in a good camera.. Nikon D3100 and so far I LOVE IT!!!! I cant wait to take more pictures of our trips and of Madison to put around our house!!
It seems like Winter skipped us and we went right to Spring and now it seems as though Spring has skipped us and we are going right to Summer!! Look for pics of all our new adventures.. such as the zoo in the next few days :)
Happy Spring time!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy St Patricks Day!!

Today was another occasion to dress Madison up in a cute outfit.. So ofcourse I broke out the tutu!! Also today is also uncle pj and uncle Timmy's birthdays! Hope everyone had a safe and happy day!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Madison's first St. Patricks Parade!

Well this weekend was the White Plains St Patricks Parade, which is always a fun weekend for you! Chris marches in it with the Dobbs Ferry Fire Dept, and after we go see an amazing band!! The day started off with me dressing Madison in one of her adorable St. Pats outfits

After Madison was dressed and ready to go, we headed down to our friends the Ryan's house to leave for the parade. When we walked in the door we saw that their daughter Makenna was in the same outfit! Even the same bow!
After that we piled into the cars and headed off to the parade. Once we were there we walked all the way to the start of the parade to spend some time with Chris and the rest of the fire dept. It was so cold so I wasn't taking Madison out of her BundleMe in her car seat!
After all that we spent a little bit of time with a bunch of other friends while listening to a great band! Then we headed home so Madison could nap and practice sitting.. Bailey felt the need to help.
The bunny that Madison is holding was hand dyed and knit by Grandma Pam :)
Hope your having a GREAT weekend!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

She's on a roll....

Well folks a few days ago Madison rolled over from her back to front for the first time, but I wasn't home and Chris wasn't looking. We have been waiting for the day that she does it when we can see and TODAY WAS THE DAY!! And now we can't stop her!

We couldn't be more proud of our little girl! She is growing so fast and doing so well developmentally!!