Friday, June 22, 2012

Life is better on a beach!

This past week we took up Chris' Aunt Patrice's offer of staying at her home in Rehobeth Beach, DE! It was short but fun trip, full of a bunch of "first's" for miss Madison. We started the day on Tuesday by hitting the outlets (of course when they are 5 min away you can't say no!). After Madison took a short nap we headed out to Dewey Beach! I will admit I was super nervous about taking her to the beach for the first time, just about how she would do with the sand, what if she ate it? and how she would react to the ocean. Chris and I were both a little more at ease because Aunt Patrice came with us and she has two boys that grew up on the beach! Turns out we had nothing to worry about! Madison LOVED the beach! She even might have gained 2 lbs from all the sand she ate! 

Crawling around on the bed.. trying to avoid being changed!

First time in the ocean with Daddy!

With Aunt Patrice

Yummy.. sand!

Ok Maybe not so yummy

Probably my favorite picture of her at the beach!

Exhausted after having lots of fun!


Some of the fishes at Aunt Patrice and Uncle Lyle's

Madison 2012

Madison even made a few friends.

Aunt Patrice and Uncle Lyle!

Madison liked looking at all the fishes.. maybe when she is bigger she will get one of her own!

After we said goodbye to The Riggin's we headed off to Baltimore to the Aquarium! It was another first for Madison as she had never been to an aquarium but she had fun.. she was very interested in all the colors!

The Inner Harbour 

Shark tank!

And yes.. we stopped at Hooters for lunch.

Even caught the Dolphin show!

All in all it was an amazing and fun trip!! We can't wait to go back next summer!!! Thank you to the Riggin's family for taking us in for the few days, we had a blast!!

the murrays :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Happy father's day to all the dads out there.. especially Chris, Opa, Pop and Grandpa Pete
Swimming with Daddy in Florida

Florida with Opa
Chewing on Grandpa Pete's finger

Swimming with Pop

Friday, June 15, 2012

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We love pancakes!

Just like the title says we LOVE pancakes!!! Madison has become pretty good at feeding herself in the past few weeks, and with that comes new foods! Finger foods and table foods! Pancakes seem to be a big hit! The other day she even tried a bit of Mommy's ice cream :) But in between today and our last post we have all been sick! Both Kim & Chris had a fever and sore throat, and the little munchkin had a fever, and then broke out in a bunch of blisters, turns out she had coxsackie "foot and mouth disease". BUT we are all on the mend and the fact that Madison had pancakes tonight shows us her throat is getting better!!
Big girl sippy cup!

What was left!

She LOVES her activity table! If she can pull herself on something she will. So only 2 weeks after crawling she is now getting adventurous. She even lets go and stands on her own! Madison has also started cruising between things!  We are in for one busy summer!! We can't wait!

The Murrays