Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

Happy belated Mother's Day to all the mom's out there!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend and were spoiled by your spouses and little ones :)

Our weekend was a busy one, as usual! I was at Home Depot at the lovely hour of 6 am on Saturday morning to get the flowers for my mother in law's and the girl's godmother's gifts. I found a cute flower pot on pinterest that had children's foot prints on them as butterflies and I thought it was the cutest thing! We did the foot prints on Wednesday but I waited to plant to flowers. Everyone loved them!

Do you know who goes to Home Depot at 6 am on Saturday morning? Men doing their weekend projects and mom's who take every chance they can to run errands without their children. On the plus side I was home from Home Depot and Stop and Shop and coffee by 730 am and was ready to take on the day!

We spent the afternoon at a local varsity softball game and then headed over to my in-laws for our Mother's Day BBQ. It was a beautiful day filled with family and a special gift for Madison! Mike (Chris' brother) gave Madison her flower girl gift... a Barbie jeep! Madison was so excited and wanted to drive it home! 

Sunday was Mother's Day! Both girls actually slept by 7, which isn't normal in this house. They actually slept til 745! We started the day by heading over the local park for the Mother's Day 5k. I ran the same race last year, it was my first 5k ever so this year my goal was to beat my previous time (38:20) and I was also secretly hoping to place in the top 3 in my age group. 

It was so humid but I gave it my all! I did beat my previous time.. this years time was 33:25! The hills slowed me down but thats ok! I came 5th in my age group.. also fine! I am so happy with my improvement over the past year. I went from never running to running a 1/2 marathon and numerous 5k races! I am already looking forward to next weekend for The Running Goddess 5K!!!

After the race Madison and I headed for mani/pedi's followed by brunch at a local southern restaurant that we have all fallen in love with! 

It was the perfect Mother's Day!  I am so lucky to be a mom to the 2 most amazing little beauties (yes I am biased) in the world. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

... Ooops!

Well it has been over a month since I last posted .. I had been doing so well. Sorry!

Anyways if you have been following my instagram (kimmurray36) you have probably seen we have been so busy over the last month with weddings, baby showers and just life!
I will do my best to catch you guys up on whats going on here but this post might just be a bunch of photos.

In April my brother in law Mike got married!! Madison was Krissy's flower girl and she did an amazing job! The aisle at the church was really long, so we were all a little nervous for her.. but she did it and was super cute :) Chris was the best man, and I must say he killed his speech!

At the end of April we hosted a Baby Q for our good friends Kristin & Lance. We are so excited and can't wait to meet Lucas *hopefully soon*.

We have been so lucky with the weather the past few weeks, besides a few days of rain it has been really nice! We have enjoyed every minute of it! The girls have been playing outside everyday and Beth, who is now walking everywhere, is loving it! She is so interested in all the new outdoor toys.

We made it to the local carnival last week where Madison met up with a few of her friends with school! She had a blast! Last year she was still a little to small for most of the rides but this year she was the right size for all the smaller ones! She even tried the Dragon Coaster... but that ended after one go around because she was screaming so much, the man was nice enough to stop the ride and let her off!  
Oh well.. try again next year!

One of the most exciting parts about the last week was Madison's first dance recital!! She rocked it! If she was nervous she did a great job at hiding it. Sunday morning she woke up and was ready for her "big day".  Her entire group did a wonderful job, no meltdowns = winning!
We are so proud of our little lady and all the hard work she put in to learn her dance!

 Check back soon.. I promise it won't be a month between posts!