All about us..

We the Murray family! A young, happy, loving family of 3.. 4 if you include our fun 4yr old lab Bailey.. and we are expanding by 2 little feet in March 2014!!!
Chris,myself (Kim) and our daughter Madison are always on the go, between work and traveling and taking Madison to the park were finding it hard to find time to sit and send emails to everyone with pictures and updates. 
 As much as we love facebook that too was getting to hard since not everyone has it, so the blog was born! Most of the updates if not all, will be coming from Kim.
 Living so close to NYC we are lucky to be able to take Madison to some pretty incredible things such as the Bronx and Central Park Zoo's, museums and the aquariums! 
Check back often to get updates on Madison's growth and development and to see what we are up to, where we are going and what we are changing in our home! Since alot of my family lives in Canada and a good part of Chris' family lives in Canada and other places in the USA we figured this was the best place that everyone would come to and see whats going on! Feel free to leave comments aswell!
Love the Murray's

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