Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring has sprung

Here in New York its spring.. at least for the time being!
We've been enjoying the last days and spending LOTS of time outside. We recently purchased a bike seat for Madison! We settled on the iBert seat (in the front instead of back) after talking to a bunch of people and to the guys at our local bike store (Endless Trail BikeWorx .. if you live around Westchester you should check them out!).  
We had the bike seat attached on wednesday and went for a little ride.. we put the seat on Chris' bike to start, since its been 2 summers since I have ridden my bike and I need to get more comfortable on it! 
At first Madison wasn't to happy with the helmet BUT once she was in the seat she was ready to go!
 Today, Chris got over time at work so it was a "mommy maddie day", we headed to the park, where Madison showed me her impressive big girl skills by going down the slide by herself! I am so proud of her, during fall last year she wouldn't go down unless someone was holding her.. its amazing how in a few months everything changes!

Little Diva

So happy 

 This picture of her is probably one of my new favorites there is something so peaceful about it!!
Anyways.. after the park we headed to Go Greenly for some yummy Frozen Yogurt!!! Madison has taken a liking to it.. she has the Simply Taro with Strawberries.. I opted for Wedding cake with strawberries and kiwi!!
So far this spring is great! We have lots of fun planned in the next little bit.. first of I am heading to Vegas for the Arbonne Training Conference, then we've got our annual trip to Rehobeth Beach Delaware, a trip to Canada for Brett's highschool graduation, a couple 5k races (maybe a 10k by the fall) And MAYBE a quick trip to Florida :)