At her one-month doctor’s appointment today, she weighed 7 lbs 5 oz and measured 20 1/8 inches long. She is measuring in the 10th percentile for both weight and length (just like her big sister Madison who has been in the 10th since she was 2 months old) .. Clearly we don't produce ginormous children. She is wearing newborn size still.. a few 0-3 months clothing fits her but its a little on the bigger size. 
I worried a lot about breastfeeding before Beth was born because of our struggle with Madison. Well no worries anymore... she latched on quickly at day one and has been eating like a champ ever since! Right now she eats every 3 hours. 
Today she was put on Zantac for her reflux, we knew this coming as we recognized the same "symptoms" Madison had. This time around we are not nervous about the reflux because we are old pro's now ;)
This girl is like her daddy.. she loves her sleep! She usually sleeps 6-7 hours at night (YAY!) and then little cat naps during the day. She has been sleeping in a "rock and play" because it helps keep her upright and with the reflux that is the best thing! She has slept in her bassinet a few times but we are moving to the crib now because the harder mattress and the "wedge" will help with the reflux. Since she is giving us such a good sleep at night there is no need for her to be right beside me to feed her every 2 hours anymore!

Developmentally Beth is great! She hold her head up extremely well for only being 1 month, she loves tummy time especially when Madison is there to play with her! She has started smiling when she hears certain voices or sees certain things.. mainly Madison. She loves her big sister!
Likes: nursing, having a clean diaper, Madison singing to her, resting on your shoulders, car rides, rocking in Pops chair when we visit, kisses from Bailey (our dog)
Dislikes: gas pains, reflux, being put down while her tummy hurts, bath time and being naked.. and wet diapers.. the tiniest little bit of wetness and its a full blown freak out!