Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lovin' me some John and Sherry!

Yesterday was an AWESOME DAY!!
Got to spend some quality time with my little munchkin (who as I wrote this post is putting her doll into her toy oven..)  and then headed into the city with Chris's cousin Lindsay for a Mom's Night Out! Much needed night out! 
We started the night out by stopping at Starbucks in SOHO, while we were peacefully enjoying a baby free coffee who should walk in but Bethenny Frankel and her daughter! 
Now, If you live in to the NY area and don't know who that is your either 1. a guy or 2. been living under a rock. She is one of the original NY Housewives and is the creator of Skinny Girl Margarita and all the Skinny Girl things!  
It was one of those awkward moments, as she was standing less then 5 feet away from us and smiled right at us, we took a moment to consider asking her for a pic, we also considered just snapping a picture but we didn't. She was so normal and just was going out for some hot chocolate with her daughter! Who by the way is super super cute!
Everyone left them alone and just let them be a normal mom and daughter. The small town girl inside of me was screaming "get a picture get a picture" but the new NY part of me was saying "she is just a person" and the mom inside of me was yelling "Don't you dare bother her while she is spending time with her daughter!"  
So we just kept going with our plans.. we walked around SOHO for alittle bit and then went to our appointment at Dry Bar and got our hair blown out!!
After that is was off to the main event!!
YOUNG HOUSE LOVE  book signing at Flor!!!!
If you know me in person I have probably talked about this blog and my love for it!! John and Sherry have completely redone 2 homes and they blog about all the crafty DIY things they have done! Some amazing ideas!! When their book came out I ordered it and have been waiting for the book signing since OCTOBER!
So close!!!!!
 Finally.. go to the meet my DIY idols!!! Chris thinks I am such a nerd for being so excited for this ..but thats ok.. I was in DIY nerd heaven last night! 

Thank you so much John and Sherry for signing my book! You guys are amazing! Can't wait to crack it open again and start some more projects.. first off painting my dresser and bedside tables :)

Now if only Bower Power and I Heart Organizing would come out with books.. then the Trifecta of Awesome blogs would be complete :)


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Get Fit with Me!

Now through thursday ONLY.. order an Arbonne fit kit reg $289 (302 after shipping and taxes) and get it for $201 (thats with shipping and taxes!!!!) MUST ORDER THROUGH ME and NOT WEBSITE!!!! I'm giving YOU my 35% discount!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Charming.. country charm that is ;)

A close friend of mine (and Arbonne business partner) has recently started an Etsy business! Country Bows Boutique . 
Alyssa has been one of my best friends since highschool, and has always been super creative!! For the past year she has been making adorable bows for her 1 year old niece! 
She loves it so much she has started her business! She is building her inventory daily!!
Head on over to her Facebook Page or her Etsy Page and check it out!!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Code CUTE : Calling doctor Madison

Madison got her first doctors kit today!
Over the past few weeks Madison has become increasingly aware of the television and also about a certain show on Disney Junior called... DOC MCSTUFFIN. Doc is a young girl she is a doctor to stuffed animals and toys! In the morning we let Madison watch one episode while we are getting breakfast ready and now she knows when she gets down stairs.. she runs for the remote and says "doc" and a few seconds later "peeeaassss" (please). So a few days ago I decided to order the super cute Doc Mcstuffins Doctor Kit!!! 
Here she is minutes after getting it!

She had to check out her Bitty Baby

Makes me wonder if this one little gift will make her want to become a doctor ;)


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cold as Ice...

It is INSANELY cold outside.. and It is putting a serious damper on my running training.
I love the gym as much as the next person but 2 days in a row running on a treadmill is BORING!

Can it please warm up!

Thanks :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

new year, new theme ...

For 2013 I wanted a chalkboard theme.. so Until I find one I like this new black and yellow will have to do!
I have suddenly caught the chalkboard bug ... Trying to find out if I want to paint a chalkboard wall in our house or frame one. Thoughts??

Also since I am Canadian I can't let this post go by without saying .. HOCKEY IS BACK.. THANK YOU LORD! 

Please excuse Madison's messy hair!

Friday, January 18, 2013

December crazy-ness!

I know it is already JANUARY BUT I need to do a post about what happened during the wonderfully awesome month of December 2012!!!  Well since your all reading this blog I think its safe to say the world didn't come to end anywhere! December was a crazy month for us with the holidays and our trip to Canada to see my family!

Madison and I took our first flight ALONE with no help.. I was a nervous wreck because what was I going to do when she was screaming or how was I going to get through security alone!? Well all my worrying was a waste of time! Security was a breeze! They helped me get the stroller and bag on to the scanner machine and as for the actual flight (only 42min) Madison was as happy as clam :) 
Our flight was pretty empty so she spent most of the time running between me and window and taking out ALL of the papers in the seats! 

With Grandma
 Our first full day in Canada we went to Johnson Bros. Tree Farm to help Grandma and Opa get their Christmas Tree! It was Madison's first trip to Uncle Kerry's tree farm! While we were there we went on a horse and trailer ride! Madison LOVED when the horses would go a little faster down the hills!
On the ride!
Madison and Trigger
Madison and Opa checking out the machines!
 Madison was super lucky and got her Christmas Present early... a KITCHEN! She played with the kitchen from sun up til sun down! Thanks Uncle Brett for putting it together!
A few days into the trip Chris drove up to spend the rest of our vacation with us! During that time we went to a few of my brothers hockey games. He is #8 on the Ottawa 67s in the OHL.
Busy night at Scotia Bank Place

Madison and Uncle Ryan!
We spent lots of time with family and I was able to check out the Carrie Underwood concert with my best friend! And we were 3rd row!! WOW!!! That is all I can say. This was our 3rd time seeing Carrie Underwood and she doesn't disappoint!
Hunter Hayes and Carrie Underwood
Closing the show!

3rd row!!!
 When we got back from Canada my brother Ryan and his girl friend Emily came to visit! We spent a day in the city, shopping and visiting the tree.
Christmas eve was spent at my inlaws while my husband worked. Madison and Pop had matching aprons for cooking, as she got a kitchen at Mima & Pops house aswell!
It was the Christmas of Kitchens.. she got one at our house too.. Santa must want her to learn to cook ;)

ANWAYS! Here are just a few other pictures from Christmas :) Enjoy!
Chris and I at the "Christmas Story On Broadway"

Madison and Her 4 wheeler from Uncle Mikey!

Opening her Bitty Baby with Uncle Nate and Aunt Kate!

I LOVE this picture! Pretty dress and a quad!

 Madison is NOT a fan of Santa this year! I can only hope next year she is!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Well folks.. its been awhile. We have been crazy busy to say the least. 
Madison is up and RUNNING everyone and saying EVERYTHING! We have to be care about what we say now because she likes to mimic (oh my!) 
So lets play catch up quickly.. 

I started my own business in November and it has been INSANE!! I love it! Its given me the chance to to drop a few shifts at my regular job and spend more time home with Madison! 

Chris is also super busy with work and has started studying for a test to be promoted :)

As for Madison.. she has been nicknamed "Madison the Menace" (yes thats a reference to my least favorite move - Denis the Menace". She had her 15 month check up yesterday and weighs 20.3lbs and is 30inches tall! Every girls dream.. light and tall!

I'm sure some of you are wondering about Christmas??
I will do a christmas post this evening as my 20min of "alone" time while Madison ate her snack is over.. Check back tonight! 

One resolution this year is weekly blog posts!