Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Ketchup? No catch up..

Madison thinks is the funniest thing when I say "catch up" she laughs with her horribly fake laugh and holds her belly and says "oh man I don't have any ketchup, silly mama"

So here it is the dreaded blogger catch up. I'm already falling behind on my blogging goals for 2015, but with work, studying and 2 kids and husband things happen. 

Over the past few weeks we have jumped right back into our routine, well most of them, I am struggling hard with getting up at 430 to get to the gym. I blame the weather because most mornings the roads are slick and I don't want to risk it. Speaking of slick roads..
2 weeks ago there was black ice everywhere, accidents up and down the roads and Chris had to get to work. Do I need to say more?
Chris is fine! There was no one else involved in the accident. His beloved truck is heading to the auto grave yard and we are back to 2 cars for a few months until we are ready for another truck. 
You may wonder why we need 3 cars there's only 2 of us... Well we have an SUV which I drive and we take when we go anywhere as a family, and we have a little old (91) beater car for Chris to drive to work and back. The girls DO NOT go in that vehicle it is not safe for them. So having 3 cars is crucial for us especially if Chris is home with 1 of the girls and needs to get out!    Anyways enough with that.

Madison is back to ballet and is getting ready for her spring recital! 

We are busy planning Elizabeth's 1st birthday, seriously when did that happen? It has gone by so much faster this time!

We are dealing with ear infections, chest infections and nasty coughs in the Murray house.. Thankfully both girls co-operate (most times) and don't fight with me while taking their nebulizer treatments!
As for my fitness journey.. I'm still working on it! Since January 1st I've lost 4lbs. Look for a fitness post this Friday :) 

We just spent the night in a blizzard warning, which turned out to be the blizzard that never was, but we've got lots of snow! 
Hope you all have a great day!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

10 months


Weight: 14lbs 15oz (from 9 month checkup)

Length: 25 2/4inches (from 9 month checkup)

Milestone: Beth is cruising around all the furniture and even letting go!

Sleep: We spent the last week fighting with Beth at bed time. She would scream for hours if in her crib. We decided she needs to nap earlier in the day so she is exhausted come 730. 

Eating: Anything and everything! She is still eating some baby food but we've introduced solid foods (pancakes, waffles, frozen blueberry, pasta) she loves picking up the food herself!

Diapers: Finishing up with the 2's and moving onto size 3!
Clothing: Fully transitioned into size 9 month!
Mood: Great mood! She is a happy baby, she is really only fussy when she has to go to bed or she's hungry!

  • Food
  • Standing 
  • Cruising 
  • Taking her sisters toys 
  • Sitting still 
  • Being put to bed
  • Bath time- really doesn't like having to sit down! She wants to stand. 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Protein Coffee

I've had a few questions about the "Protein Coffee" I have posted about on my Instagram, so I thought I would share with you all how I make my coffee in the morning

Arbonne Protein (Vanilla or Chocolate), Almond Breeze Vanilla (unsweetened) and Coffee
I brew one cup (big) coffee into a Nutribullet cup.
Add 1 Scoop of protein of your choice (contact me to order Arbonne Protein)
Mix in Nutribullet or other blender
Add Almond milk (1/2 cup), sometimes I will heat and froth the Almond milk to make it more like a latte.

This is the perfect pick me up and post workout drink in the morning! 
Enjoy :)

Our Holiday in Pictures

Every year Chris's firehouse in the city hold a christmas party and all the kids get a special present from Santa! This was the first year that Madison actually sat on the ground with the other kids and got her present by her self.

My brother's Ryan & Brett and Emily (Ryan's girlfriend) came down to visit us before Christmas, we had originally planned a day in the city without the girls, but after baby-sitting plans fell through we took the girls with us! They were great! Madison was so excited about the train ride and seeing the "big giant tree"
Our First Family Photo at Rockefeller Center

Might be hard to believe but I am the oldest.

You saw in yesterdays post our christmas didn't go as planned, so I am lacking in photos from the day.  I did manage to snap a few of the girls opening presents at Chris' parents house.

Our New Years Eve was very low key, we originally planned to head to Chris' cousins house but decided to stay home and keep it simple. Our neighbors invited us over a kids New Years, so we headed over there and at 9 all the kids did a big countdown and there was a massive balloon drop! Madison had so much fun!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and have a happy and healthy New Year!