Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy Birthday America!

We celebrated America's 239th birthday like most other people... with a BBQ! We actually celebrated with 2 BBQ's. 

On Friday night we had a few people over for a small bon fire. Madison and Beth had a blast! Madison was super excited that Chris blew up a little pool for her, Beth wasn't so excited. 

Beth spent most the afternoon playing with chalk and driving her sisters jeep around!

She isn't tall enough to reach the pedal so she would reach down and hit it with her hand and pop up with a massive smile and do it again!

Madison & Ryan got to have some fun with sparklers, both were a little confused but had so much fun!

Saturday we spent the day like we normally spend 4th of July at a family friends Pool Party! Madison spent most the afternoon in the pool with her friends from where we used to live. Beth really isn't into the pool but did go in for a bit with Pop! I have to get those pics from my mother in law!

We tried to get a good picture with our chalkboard but Beth had other ideas.. she wanted to lean against the board!

Leaning against the board meant- chalk all over her new dress! Thankfully it washed right out!

Sunday was more relaxing. Chris took Madison out on the boat with my in-laws and Beth and I got some stuff done around the house.. including taking all 1278 photos off my phone to make room for new ones!

Since Beth couldn't keep her little tush off the chalkboard I didn't get a good shot of this years design so here it is!
We hope you and your family had a great weekend!

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