Monday, July 20, 2015

Quick Getaway

This past weekend we took a little road trip down to Maryland and Delaware to visit some great friends and family. 

We piled into the car at 4:30 am, or the time the sun is still sleeping according to Madison, and started our weekend adventure. Madison was asleep before we were even out of our town but Elizabeth had other plans! That girl was up until about 9:30am before she finally fell back asleep! The ride down was easy, we stopped in Maryland at Denny's for some breakfast and headed off to our friends! 

Friends that are willing to do the fun kiddie tourist stuff with you are the best! 

Isn't this the cutest owl? It is 16 years old and so tiny!
We spent the afternoon at the Maryland Zoo. It was such a different experience from the Bronx Zoo, as Maryland Zoo is much smaller and not as spread out! Madison was so happy to see her favorite - the pink Flamingo!

 She thought it was "crazy" that one of the flamingos was standing on two legs. We also checked out the brand new penguin exhibit, where Madison was quick to point out that the penguins were tagged so they knew who each penguin was!

Seriously where did this girl learn all this?!

The children's zoo was incredible! They had so many fun interactive exhibits, Madison's favorite, and I am sure most other children's, was the lily pads!

Beth was just happy to be able to walk around not be stuck in the car!

After the zoo we headed back to our friend's house for a BBQ with some other friends were we ended up playing a couple games with the frisbee and a few rounds of "head's up".
The next morning we were on the road to Rehobeth Beach nice and early as we wanted to be at the beach by noon. 
It wasn't the nicest afternoon for the beach as it was very windy and overcast but we spent a few hours playing in the sand. The girls had NO interest in going into the water. 
The next day was sunny and hot! We hit the beach and there was no stopping Madison & Beth from jumping into the ocean! 
They loved it!

 It was so nice to be to spend time with Chris' aunt and uncle and cousins, and his cousins son! Beth wouldn't stop hugging him and he wasn't a fan! 

 Beth loved being in the water, she took a couple waves to the face and would just laugh and keep going. There was no taking your eyes off of her she was determined to get in the water at all costs! She didn't seem to mind the taste of sand as she ate a couple handfuls!
 Once Madison got over how chilly the water was she was back to being the mermaid that she is. Brian, Chris' cousin, was tossing Madison into the waves, she was jumping over the waves as they rolled in and even swimming! She described the ocean as "so awesome".

After a couple hours at the beach we jumped on the Jolly Trolly and hit the boardwalk! Madison played a few games at Funland and rode a couple of the rides before we went to dinner and had some ice cream in celebration of National Ice Cream Day! After all that fun it was time to pack up and head home!
It was a quick but fun, relaxing and enjoyable getaway!  We are already looking forward to next year!

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